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How to Remove Zero Access Rootkit'

Zero Access Rootkit (also known as ZeroAccess Rootkit, ZAccess and MAX++) is a virus infection that is spreading at an increasingly fast pace. A strong new version of rootkit called keybtc@inbox_com is making its debut. Zero Access Rootkit removal is not a straight forward task as it has the ability to hide itself from removal tools such as anti-virus and anti-malware tools and even disable them. For instance, Zero Access Rootkit has the ability to block two very popular tools called TDSSKiller and Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. A clear indication that your computer is infected with Zero Access Rootkit is the fact that if you try to run TDSSKiller or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, they will not run, or they will run for a brief period then get shut down.

Another indication that your computer may be infected with Zero Access Rootkit is that your Google, Yahoo and Bing search results may become redirected to irrelevant websites. Additionally, you may notice that your search results are being ridrected to advertising websites via one of the following websites:


Additionally, some infections lead to rogue search engines such as Search System v.3 or to liutilities.com.

Zero Access Rootkit Removal'

Step 1: Click on SpyNoMore and choose 'Save'. Save the downloaded file to your Desktop.

Step 2: Double-click 'spynomore.exe' to install SpyNoMore. Update SpyNoMore and run a Smart Scan to detect Zero Access Rootkit infection and any other trojan or virus that may have come along with it. The Demo version of SpyNoMore will show you that it is capable of detecting the infection. In order to have the infection removed, you need to purchase a license ($29.95 for 1 computer or $39.95 for 3 computers). You can access our payment page directly from within SpyNoMore or by visiting our website as follows:

  • Access our sales by clicking here.Once you complete your payment, you will immediately be issued an activation code which you can use to activate SpyNoMore and remove the infection.


  • Access our payment page from a clean computer to make the purchase. After you complete the purchase, you will be issued an activation code, go back to the infected computer and enter the activation code to activate SpyNoMore and remove the infection. To access our purchase page, simply visit www.spynomore.com and click on the Purchase button.

    Files and Registry Settings Associated with Zero Access Rootkit'


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