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Alias: Livejasmin.com, Creative.LiveJasmin.com, Livejasmin.com popup

Description: Livejasmin.com (also known as creative.livejasmin.com popup)is one of the websites that result from a Google Search Redirection Virus infection. If you receive popups from livejasmin.com, your computer may be infected with a virus or a trojan.

Threat type:

Search Hijacker - A Search Hijacker redirects your Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine search results to unfamiliar websites. Search Hijacker infections are usually the result of a malware infection. Takes control of your browser's default search engine. The search results may not necessarily be the best fit as those usually come from paid advertisements, as issued to you by the Hijacker authors. Search hijackers prevent you from changing your browser's default search engine, and they tend to slow down PC performance.

Trojan - A Trojans or Trojan Horse is any programs that installs itself secretly normally via malware programs, quite often with sinister intent. Once installed, the trojan author (hacker) can gain complete control of the infected PC. Trojans are usually designed to steal sensitive information and/or destroy the system. Trojans can be distributed as unsolicited email attachments, or bundled with freeware and shareware programs.

Advice: Remove This is a very high risk threat and should be removed immediately as to prevent harm to your computer and / or to protect your privacy.

SpyNoMore removes Livejasmin.com: Yes

Threat risk: High Risk
Remove Livejasmin.com, Livejasmin.com Remover
Very dangerous malware. Can log user's keyboard activity and take snapshots of the user's screen. Uses stealth installation and removal is very difficult. Category includes spyware programs, adware programs and trojans.


Popups from livejasmin.com or creative.livejasmin.com.

You may see the following message after you click on a search results: "The document has moved, redirecting...".

Livejasmin.com Signature Details: The following information includes some of the standard signatures associated with this spyware threat. Please do not attempt to manually remove these items from your computer; Removing these items incorrectly or partially can cause your computer to experience critical errors, prevent your computer from restarting or cause loss of Internet connectivity. Should you be infected with Livejasmin.com, you can clean your computer by downloading SpyNoMore now.

Running Process Signatures:

File Signatures:

Registered Dll (Dynamic Link Library) Signatures:

Folder Signatures:

Registry Signatures:

SpyNoMore Collected Residual File Signatures:

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